I don’t know about you but 2016 was a very challenging year for me. I was more than ready to embrace 2017 with open arms. One good thing that came from last year was understanding the importance of taking care of myself: mind, body, and soul. During this time, many people make resolutions like eating better, exercising more, etc. I’m no different. However, what about making resolutions that take care of the mind and the soul? Yoga is a good practice that can help you take care of all three.

Yoga in the Park!


Yoga originated in India and has been practiced as a part of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist religions. It combines breathing, mindful body movements, and mediation. There are many different types of yoga: hatha, vinyasa, bikram, etc. Growing up I heard lots of different stereotypes about yoga but my first personal encounter with yoga wasn’t until my freshman year of college. I had a yoga class at 8am in the morning. It was awesome. Sitting outside in the front lawn, smelling the “morning dew” and feeling the grass in between my toes…

Look at the pretty grass!

I always feel better when I do yoga. I just need the discipline to follow through with it. Yoga is said to have many health benefits. Here are some of my personal favorite benefits of doing yoga.

My Personal Favorite Health Benefits of Doing Yoga

  1. I sleep better.  
  2. Reduced spine aches 
  3. Improved posture
  4. Feel more relaxed during the day
  5. Better in tune with my body. 
My friend, Shabu is better at this then me!

Yoga on a Budget

In the past I used to think yoga was a thing that only rich people do, but that’s definitely not true. While there are some facilities that charge an arm and a leg for classes, you can still practice yoga on a budget.

$$ Gym or Fitness Class $$

Some gyms/fitness centers offer yoga classes as a part of their packages. Some places have yoga classes that are donation based. I’ve heard good things about the place Yoga To The People if you’re in the NYC area.

$ YouTube /Internet/DVDs/Books $

There are lots of yoga videos on YouTube. You can also find yoga workouts in magazines. Last summer I found this awesome book at the thrift shop. It’s the NYC Ballet Workout. There are some yoga positions in this book. Your local library should also have health magazines and books on yoga.

14 Day Yoga Challenge

So at first I wanted to do this elaborate challenge but then I remembered it’s always better to start small. So my yoga challenge is to do 15 minutes of yoga every day for the next 14 days.If you are feeling for a bit more  you can sign up for this Yoga Challenge . It’s FREE!



Do you do yoga? What is your favorite yoga pose? Will you join me in the yoga challenge?


Until next time, 

Salut! or Should I say Namaste! 

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