Well aloha everyone! I know it’s been a bit quiet here at SalutNutrition but rest assured I’ve been a busy bee! Let me fill you in on what’s been happening..

Earlier this month I went to the Everything Food Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Yes! Lil ol’ me flew all the way to Utah by my lonesome. It was such a great experience both personally and professionally.

While there I learned about the many different ways I can enhance the SalutN experience. The conference got my engines going and I decided to revamp the site and give it a little bit of a facelift. If you are new to SalutN welcome! If you a returner I hope you like the changes made. My hopes are that the site is easier to navigate.

I will have more on my Salt Lake City (SLC) experience up on the blog at a later point in time, which also brings me to the other project I’ve been working on.

During my time in SLC I had time for personal reflection. I realized June is right around the corner and I’m almost 6 months away from turning 30 years old. I think I’m finally coming down from my quarter-life crisis and I’ve decided to create a lifestyle/travel blog called DoYouSalut? The website isn’t finished yet but it should be launched May 31st! So stay tuned!

Here are my hopes for what’s in store for SalutNutrition. My goal is to have a new post every Tuesday and Thursday. I’m not really a great cook but we are going to learn and throw down in the kitchen together. We’re going to be talking about food, culture, nutrition and wellness.

What are some of your hopes for SalutNutrition? Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get SalutN health tips and updates.

Cheers to new beginnings!


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