• Working on my brand! Got dragged to the casino by my bf and his momma. I prefer to make my luck..... #lovemybrandkit very valuable tool and resource @byreginatv thanks!
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A lot of times we don't realize how much our mental and emotional well being effects our physical health. Stress can cause us to overeat, gain weight, lose sleep, lose hair, lose weight, etc. This past weekend I took a wellness weekend and just destressed. Check out my site (link above) to see where the thought "why not?" randomly led me. 
My lovely dress and workout tee was provided by @prAna @mambosprouts . They have awesome clothes that are eco-friendly and sustainable. If you're a beginner yogi or just like to be outdoors check out their site for cute outfits. Here's a special discount to get 15% off : MSS17SN. 
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  • How cute is this bowl!!! Well not bowl.. pilon I forgot the English word for it. 🙈
  • I've been trying to put this picture up for two days. My phone won't let me be great. Anyhoo!!! Honeydews are a great fruit to put in your fruit infused water or to eat by itself. It's usually juicy and has medium sweetness (in my opinion of course). What's your favorite way to eat honeydews? 
How are you doing on the 30day fruit and veggies challenge? 
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  • Yesterday was National Best Friend Day! I wrote a little something about my best friend on the blog. Check it out! Link in the bio.... #nationalbestfriendday
  • Couscous with sugar snap peas for dinner!!!!! #healthyeats #dinner #foodie #salutfruitsveggies
  • Today's vegetable of the day is ..... Sugar Snap peas!!! They're awesome for many different reasons. One of those reasons being they are a great way to introduce children to cooking. Who remembers helping grandma, mom, or aunty peel sugar snap peas for dinner as kid? 
Tonight take a trip down memory lane and make a dish using sugar snap peas.dont forget to tag #salutfruitsveggies to be included in the giveaway!

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  • Week 2 of the Fruit and  Veggie challenge is here!!!! What's your favorite fruit or vegetable? Tag a friend who loves fruits and veggies. Don't forget to add #salutfruitsveggies to participate in the challenge #papayamonth #sugarsnappeas #honeydew #kale #watermelons #carrots #lychee #fruits #vegetables #fruitsandvegetablemonth