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It’s been pretty quiet here at SalutN and that’s because I took a mental health week and went away to Sunny Barbados! I had so much fun and can’t wait to share with you, keep your eyes open for my SalutN Takes Barbados post coming out sometime this week.

What’s on my mind…..


On this Motivational Monday, I wanted to just share a bunch of random things that has been going on in my mind that has actually been blocking me from posting or being more active. Then I thought to myself if I can share all the good times why can’t I share the “bad” times as well? So here we go….


I will confess to you that I am a bit of a perfectionist. Although I may not have a clinical diagnosis I honestly think that at times I have characteristics of an OCD/anxiety disorder with a little bit of hypochondria ( I take 2 psychology classes in college and all of a sudden I think I’m a shrink). When I first started blogging I dove in head first not knowing much about blogging, coding, cooking, recipe development, etc. I was feeling isolated and joined a couple of blogging communities. This has been a bit of a blessing and a curse. I’ve learned so much from my blogging buddies and I truly appreciate all the support and encouragement I’ve been getting from them. However, looking at all these other bloggers and how awesome their sites are and hearing so many success stories at times can make a girl feel down. At times I would have these awesome post ideas but I don’t know how to execute them to perfection (or I take too long to plan it) so I end up not posting anything.

So I thought to myself if I was my own patient at the clinic what would RD-me tell my patient-self.


“Big things have small beginnings”- Prometheus                                                                                 “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” Chinese Proverb  


Dietitian-me would say, “Marsha, it’s okay to make mistakes. What’s important is that you try. Keep chipping away at the problem little by little. At first, it may not seem like you’re making a difference by keep at it. Soon you’ll realize you’ve created a sculpture of your accomplishments. And who cares what other people are doing anyways. They’re not you!”

So here I am. Chipping away, little by little! I realized that all I can be is me! No matter how hard I try, I’m not perfect so why should I expect my blog to be? We are perfect in our imperfections! From now one expect to see my kitchen failures just as much as my successes!

BLACK history month
How does a food blogger celebrate Black History Month?

Another pressure I’ve had is Black History Month. Unless you have your head stuck in the sand like an ostrich, you’ve might have realized that race relations in the good ol U.S. of A have been in a “bit” of rocky waters. As mentioned before I am a child of Haitian immigrants, I was raised by my immigrant godmother, and I am a first generation American. I am also a black woman. African-American/black history is so complex. So being a food and culture blog I felt pressure on how to honor Black History Month at a time where my surroundings are so racially and politically charged. Do I honor Africa, do I honor/highlight the slaves of my Caribbean ancestors or the slaves of the South, do I honor/highlight the Caribbean/ afro-latino history. What about the experiences of the African diaspora in within European cultures. See what I mean? How can little ol me speak to all of these experiences when I may not necessarily share or experienced all of the identities. I remember an experience when taking a cultural foods class during my dietetics studies. We were discussing Southern food culture and my professor says a generalization about Southern Black food culture and asked me to elaborate as if I was the spokesperson for all Black people (there were only 2 black students in the class and the professor only remembered my name, looonnggg story about that. LOL). At that time I didn’t know much about Southern cooking. Two years ago was the first time I’ve ever had shrimp and grits. The first time I had collard greens was about 3 years after that encounter with the “teacher”.

Why am I putting myself in a box?


I didn’t like it when my teacher lumped me in a box and nominated me as the spokesperson for all those of the African continent. Soooooo why in the H E double hockey sticks (HELL) am I doing it to myself? SalutN is supposed to be a place of discovery and exploration when it comes to food cultures. I’m going to celebrate, honor, highlight Black History however I want. Unapologetically me! So stay tuned to my attempt to make shrimp and grits, because, why the hell not.

Anyhoo, my “therapy” session is up! Thank you for listening (reading my random inner thoughts). Are there anythings that have been holding you back? Feel free to share below. I give free pep-talks!

If you’re too shy to share just remember that you’re freaking awesome! Who cares what other people think? Go for it! Just don’t be a menace to society……

Until next time….


7 thoughts on “RD Confessions: Part 1”

  1. Dear Salut!,
    Thank you for linking culture to food habits. Sometimes it’s hard to make that switch to something different if food is linked to your culture.

  2. Hey Marsha! I agree – keeping up with blogging is hard! I’d love to learn more about the blogging communities you joined. I really enjoyed your perspective on the difficulty of culinarily representing Black History Month – there’s just so much culture there! Next time take me to Barbados with you… =D

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