This time last year I had the chance to spend a week in Paris. As the airplane touched down at Charles de Gaulle airport I was jittery with excitement. See, over ten years ago I was lucky enough to spend three months in France. I was visiting my aunt at a convent and traveling to many different cities. At that time I didn’t understand the amazing opportunity that I was given. I was too busy being a thirteen year old grumbling and being two cool for life. Did I also mention that I was staying at a convent? My week in Paris truly changed my views on many different things and helped fuel my love affair with this amazing city.


My partner and I are full-blooded New York City strap handlers, so when we landed we decided to take the metro instead of a cab to our hotel. While walking to our hotel we bumped into a Registered Dietitian’s office! It was kismet! I felt like the universe was talking to me.

Here are the top three things I took from my trip:


  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Even as a dietitian, I always seem to have trouble with breakfast. I know, I know. How can this be? Here’s my excuse. When I have too big of a breakfast soon after waking up it makes me feel full and heavy. This ends up throwing me off for the whole day. But while in Paris they had these light breakfasts that I couldn’t wait to have. They had mini sandwiches that were so delicious! Some of the sandwich options included bread with butter and jelly or ham, or eggs. They served it with a small piece of pastry (which I shared), a small cup of orange juice, and café au lait (coffee with milk). All this breakfast goodness cost approximately $5! When I came back to New York I found myself eating breakfast more frequently but replaced the coffee with tea. What are some ideas or tricks that you use to help you eat breakfast everyday.

My Parisian Breakfast! Yum! 
Look I’m holding the Effiel Tower! 
  1. C’est La Vie!

There’s something about the French mentality that can really drive the fast-paced New Yorker up the wall! I mean really! In NYC we’re so used to everything being so quick. Bing! Bang! Boom! Hustle and bustle! This was not the case in Paris. Everyone seemed very relaxed and took their time to do everything. While there I felt a certain calm amongst the Parisian people. Workers (waiters and servers) actually took their lunch break! And it didn’t matter if there were patrons waiting for their checks so they can pay and continue sightseeing… (Yes, I know it’s a year ago I need to let it go.) When I came back to NYC I thought about this foreign concept of actually taking breaks. Although there are studies that have shown that taking lunch breaks and vacations can actually increase productivity I feel like our culture doesn’t really encourage or support it. We fear we need to meet this deadline, or are afraid that if you are away from the office for too long  you will eventually be replaced. But that respite is extremely important. That time is important to help refresh and rejuvenate!

So once a day how about you take a Parisian break. Use that time to read a comic, watch a funny cat video, or just plain ol’ zone out!

Every journey begins with one step! 
  1. “Lovers’ Stroll”

Paris has so many gardens and parks it’s hard to not want to take lover’s stroll throughout the city. We all know that physical activity is important for so many different reasons! Physical activity helps boost your mood, keep the pounds down, improve hearth health, helps you sleep better, etc. In Paris it was so easy to walk for hours in the beautiful gardens and parks. But have no fear New York City is no stranger to parks and green spaces. When I came back from Paris I made it a personal quest to find as many green spaces in NYC and walked. These quests even lead me to Staten Island’s very own Snug Harbor! This autumn be sure to take lots of walks around the many NYC parks. Be sure to check out the New York City Parks and Recreation website to see all of the beautiful parks has to offer.




So be sure to live life the Parisian way!


Until next time,



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