Happy National Tea Month!


I was going to write this elaborate post about all the different teas and the many health benefits of tea. But instead I want to share with you what’s inside my tea cabinet.

My Parisian tea, in good ol Paris!  


First of all, I want to say that I LOVE tea! So much, even to the point I kinda over do it sometimes.  Tea has many healthy benefits. One of the reasons I like tea is that it really helped me cut out juice and soda from my diet.

So without further adieu, here is my tea arsenal….


Store Teas
Here lies the fancies of my fancies!


I’m slightly ashamed to say that I’ve become a bit of a tea snob and will not drink Lipton tea. I’ve been exposed to all of these different types of tea brands. These four are my fancy teas. Harney and Sons is the biznezz. My bestie gifted me the Passion Fruit Black tea and its caffeine content is through the roof. I don’t drink coffee because it gives me the jitters. The first time I drank this tea I was on edge for about 16hrs after drinking the tea. I felt like I could fly to Mars that’s how much energy was flowing through me. If you are sensitive to caffeine I wouldn’t recommend it. If you are a coffee lover looking for a change, I say go for it! I also like Argo’s tea products. This Oolong tea has a nice bitter taste to it, but it’s mellower than the Passion Fruit tea. If you’ve visited my Instagram account you might have realized I have a love affair with Matcha tea. I’m not too sure what it is about matcha that makes me so loca. It might be the fact that is sounds so close to my name. But I will dedicate a post just for my beloved matcha another day….

My Tea Creations

Tea Creations

Last year I went to the Coffee and Tea festival and participated in a tea mixing class. We were able to take our creations come with us. These are my babies. It was a really fun class. I learned a lot and hope one day I can open up a little café or tea shop. I gave all of my teas names and everything. For example the tea in the top middle has chamomile and chocolate bits. I call it the Hades” since chamomile is known as the sleep time tea. The one container that’s practically empty is called the Aphrodite. This one is my favorite, it has blueberries and coconut.

My teas look like they are posing for a boy band poster! 🙂


My Mugs!

MugsNope Cup

I have a handful of mugs and each one has a special memory. I think the memories attached to them make me love tea even more. Check out my Instagram account to see a little more about my mugs!

Brewing Essentials!

All that I’m missing is a awesome teapot set and kettle. (Ahem, hint hint for my Valentine!!!)

hot tea month

Thank you for taking indulging me in my tea madness. I hope you get to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea this month! Do you have a favorite tea? Let us know how you plan on enjoying the rest of Hot Tea Month in the comments below!


Until next time,


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