National Kitchen Klutzes Of america Day-

Today is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. And I must confess that I am a Kitchen Klutz. Actually at times I’m a klutz outside the kitchen as well. When I was a young child I decided to be a rebel and break from traditional gender roles set for me. I took a stand told my parents “Either I cook or I clean. I’m not doing both!” Needless, to say I ended up becoming a master at the latter. (I can fold up a mean bedroom set!).

I didn’t realize how much I was hurting myself in doing that. I didn’t really get into the kitchen until I worked at a drug and substance abuse crisis center as a weekend cook. At that job I had to cook lunch and dinner for approximately 30 people. Before then I barely made a bowl of rice! I was living in the college dorms and there wasn’t really a need to cook.

As time passed by I began to realize that me not knowing how to cook was doing me more harm than good. I felt like I was starting to lose my family’s culture because I only knew how to make Italian food. I also felt that as a dietitian I should know as much as possible about food. (That meant it was time to throw down in the kitchen.) So I put on my apron, searched and got to experimenting with food. I’d like to say that I’m a great cook but that would be a bold face lie! I usually take a lifetime to cook a meal because I need to read the recipe a million times before I actually start to cook. Then for some reason I get anxious about the food being bland and get a little bit heavy-handed on a spice or herb. (Last time I went rosemary happy.)

But, all that doesn’t matter! What’s important is that I keep trying different things in kitchen. Cooking at home can be a great way to bond with a partner, friend, and family member. You can also closely watch and control how much salt is put into your meal. Cooking at home can also help your creative side.

Today we celebrate all the kitchen klutzes of America! We are the real MVPs for still trying to be Anthony Bourdian or any other famous chef.


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