Originally I had this post idea discussing Caribbean food for Caribbean Heritage Month. But I was a bit stuck on where to start and suddenly felt inspired to write this post instead.

Today is National Best Friend Day!

This is my bestie, R.

We met when we were 13-14 years old during cheerleading try-outs the summer before freshman year of high school. Although we don’t really look alike everyone at our high school thought we looked alike. Our math teacher used to confuse us all the time. (We used to tell everyone we were half-twin sisters.)

R’s parents are from Jamaica and mine are from Haiti. Back in the 90s there was a stereotype that Jamaicans and Haitians didn’t get along. But we were thick as thieves. One of the things that bonded us was our traditional Caribbean upbringing and values. Some of my fondest high school memories were when I came over to R’s home for dinner. Believe it our not this was my first introduction to intentional healthy eating. At every meal, we had a protein, carb, vegetables and then a dessert after. The foods I ate at R’s were similar but different than the food made at home. It was a great experience because I was able to learn about a culture that was different from mine.

In learning about different cultures you also get to learn about yourself. I encourage you to go out and meet different types people.


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