One of the many jobs that I had before becoming a dietitian was working as a Graduate Intern for the Office of Multicultural Affairs at a University.  During my time with OMA I learned that certain months were designated cultural diversity months.We would usually do at least one program that correlated with the diversity month. On my quest to read more I decided that once a month I will try to read a book about the culture who’s month is being honored. I think I will try to do the same thing with foods. So here is the breakdown:

January: There’s no designated culture.

February: Black History Month

March: Irish Heritage Month/Women’s History

April:Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May: Haitian Heritage Month

June: LGBT History Month

July:There’s no designated culture

August:There’s no designated culture.

September: Hispanic Heritage Month

October:Italian Heritage Month/Disability Awareness Month

November:Native American Heritage Month

December: There’s no designated culture

Now I know that there are A LOT of cultures that are missing from this list and some of the Heritages listed have many cultures within them. So this is just a guide. I’m excited to see how I can go about  LGBT history and disability awareness month. I have to get my thinking cap!

Is there any culture who’s foods you are interested in learning about that isn’t listed? Is there any culture that you would like to see highlighted? Feel free to send me a message and I will be glad to add it to my list.

Looking forward to these cultural excursions. Until next time…..


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  • Tea time!
  • I swear almost every time I drink this brand of water I get bubble guts. Smh (I know probably tmi but I'm a Dietitian and 💩 talk comes with the territory) 
My body is finally starting to adapt to whatever it was that didn't agree with me. 🍶 
Anyhoo, staying hydrated is extremely important during travelling. With all the running around trying to catch the planes trains and buses( and fear of violent stomach craps) I haven't been drinking enough water. and I can tell because I'm starting to have some dehdration symptoms: dry mouth fatigie, headache etc.

So here I am guzzling down this volcanic purified water praying that it doesn't ruin my travels! Lol

#healthytravels #hydration #travelandfood #water #drinkwater #healthylife
  • I only get these fancy juices at the airport when traveling. I know that I'm probably going to eat out a lot and it may not necessarily be the healthiest of foods. Knowing that I'm starting my vacay with a healthy nutrient packed juice makes me feel like I'm preparing for success. Plus I refuse to spend $5+ on a drink I can get for half of the price at my local deli. 🍑🍑🍑
This  juice has a strong beet flavor (eww) I read it wrong and was hoping it was more carrot flavor. But oh well bottoms up!

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  • Is it too late to say hello August? 😁 It's only been a week and this month has been action packed for me. #vedaBLACK is going on and strong. At my job I'm interim manager until they find a replacement for my old boss. I'm going away for a couple of weeks and with all the running around my shoulder is still hurting a bit. 🍬
Because I can't walk and chew gum at the same time I haven't been posting on the website as much as I should. Don't worry I'm still Saluting! 🍶I'm swamped with ideas from all the amazing opportunities I've been having the past couple of months. And I can't wait to share with you all. 🍵
I'll be back in September full throttle! So until then check out the site for oldies but goodies, come back here for updates about my trip, or check out my lifestyle travel blog @doyousalut 
Until next time, 
  • Working at the Good Health Day Fair 😊