I was born and raised in NYC, but my parents are Haitian immigrants. Growing up as a first-generation American had its challenges but I think it’s one of the many reasons why I love culture and appreciate diversity so much.

I did my undergrad studies at Stony Brook University and while there I had the opportunity to join Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.-Theta Kappa Chapter. One of our five pearls (a name given to the founders) was famed for the following quote:

“There is a Zeta in every girl regardless of race, creed or color, who has high standards and principles, a good scholarly average, and an active interest in all things that she undertakes to accomplish”. ~ Founder Viola Tyler Goings

This quote resonated with me because it embraced people of all kinds and promoted everyone to be their best. While at Stony Brook I majored in Hispanic/Spanish Languages and Literature. Most people think that majoring in Spanish means you just learn how to speak the language. I also thought the same thing. (Boy was I wrong!) Our program was more focused on the literature part. Without having a Latina background I had to read Hispanic culture’s literary heavy hitters and write 10-15 page papers in Spanish! Those years were tough but I managed.


After I graduated from Stony Brook, I went to Queens College to take my nutrition pre-requisite classes in order to qualify for the dietetic internship. I pretty much had to be an undergrad all over again after spending 4.5 years of being an undergrad at SBU. After completing my pre-reqs at Queens College, I was picked to join the Lehman College Internship class of ’13. In December of 2015, I graduated from Lehman College with a Masters in Health Education and Promotion.

And here I am now a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist! During my time at SBU, Queens College, and Lehman College, I’ve had many opportunities that made me realize that I have a passion for cultural diversity in general but especially in the field of dietetics.

Salut Nutrition is my way of sharing my experiences and knowledge with the world as I continue to grow in my profession.

The word salut has many different meanings and origins. Salut is used in French as a greeting or way to say “Hello” and also a way to say cheers and to make a toast. Salut also has origins in Latin to a word meaning “health”. I like to think that SalutNutrition is a place where people can learn about nutrition, culture, and wellness, and to be able to feel happy and empowered that they are capable of making the change.

So Cheers or Salut to Nutrition & Welcome to SalutNutrition!

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