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First and foremost Happy Registered Dietitian Day!!! Don’t forget to tell your favorite Dietitian-Nutritionist (ahem me!) Happy Registered Dietitian Day! Stay tuned to see how I celebrated RD day!

Happy Wellness Wednesday! As winter continues to linger like a bad ex- who can’t get a clue let’s reminisce about my vacation in Barbados.


Last month I had the opportunity to go to Barbados for some much-needed R & R, and boy did I R and R (rest and relax). Sometimes these vacations can throw a person off of their health game. Here’s how I enjoyed my vacation but still manage to eat guilt free.

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The Journey….


I think that the trip to your vacation destination can either set you up to fail or set you up for success. We needed to be at the airport by about 5 am and I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast before heading out. So at the airport, I was challenged with buying healthy food at an affordable price. They overprice damn near everything! So with due diligence and after 15 minutes of nutrition facts label reading, I found this treasure. Juisi tasted so good! It’s made with 100% juice and had zero added sugars! It’s made of watermelon, lime, and beets! You can’t go wrong with that!  The best part is that it costs about $4 which isn’t too bad for an airport.

My First Bajan Meal

IMG_20170212_145131 (1)

After we checked-in into our studio room, we headed to Oistins. This part of Barbados is popular for its fish-fry. Apparently, this is the place to be on Friday evenings! Even though we didn’t get a chance to go to the fish fry on Friday we did get to have a couple of meals there. My very first dish was Marlin (popular fish eaten in Barbados), mashed sweet potato, macaroni pie, and salad. The fish was so tasty and chewy. The fish in Barbados had a texture that is different than what I was used to in the states. (It was chewy like chicken).


IMG-20170222-WA0002full breakfast

Our room had a kitchenette and normally we would have gotten eggs, bread, and other groceries and cook breakfast. But our hotel had a mini café that offered breakfast and lunch for about $5-$15 USD. This ended up costing less than if we were to go to the grocery store. This was my splurge breakfast: pancakes, sausages, O.J. and fruit. Normally I ordered eggs with toast, a cup of orange juice or tea, and shared a plate of fruit with the booski.


Some restaurants served really big portions! When this happened for lunch I ended up having a small dinner. I also portioned my plate so that I didn’t over eat. We went to a Jamaican Restuarant for dinner on the first night and then ate at random local spots throughout the trip.


St.Valentine’s Day

The booski treated me to this really nice Indian/Thai restaurant called Apsara Samudra. My goodness, this place was so beautiful. It was fancy as well so I felt slightly embarrassed about taking pictures and looking like an ultra tourist. So I decided to just enjoy the moment. I did manage to get the server to take a picture of us and the food. (Picture quality may suck but I assure you the food was AMAZING!!!)


My Take on Bajan Food & Healthy Eating While on Vacay Tips

  1. Something Fishy: From my trip, I’ve noticed that fish is a big part of Bajan food cuisine. This is awesome because fish is a good source of lean protein. It also has Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for heart health. Just be mindful about eating fried fish because fried food is a no/no when it comes to healthy eating.
  2. Portions: We tend to have this idea that when going abroad the portion sizes aren’t as big as the sizes here in the States. I haven’t found this to be true. Portion sizes during our trip have been huge. In order to prevent over-eating set some food to the side to take later. You can also share a dish with your traveling buddy.
  3. Fruits and Veggies: It’s important to get your fruits and veggies on! So while on vacation find out where and when are the local Farmers Market. Try a new fruit or enjoy some of your favorite US staples. (While in Barbados we noticed that the oranges were imported from Florida.)
  4. MyPlate: While in Barbados, I noticed that the dishes consisted of fish or meat, with two types of carbs and two salads. When eating just remember the MyPlate method (half your plate fruits and veggies, 1/4 grains, and 1/4 protein). Honestly, I find it to be the easiest healthy eating guide.
  5.  Explore the lore: While away it’s important to explore the lore of the local cuisine. This is your chance to taste something in its birthplace or authentic origin. Most of the food we eat is closely tied to our way of life and our history. So enjoying the local cuisine you get to share in a country’s history and way of life. I say unless there is a dietary restriction or a serious food aversion, go for it! I dislike mayonnaise but still tried the coleslaw and it was tasty!

Bonus: Let’s get tipsy baebae! A lot of times we use vacation as an excuse to get s*it-faced wasted. I would say don’t. It’s cool to have a drink or two but remember moderation! I like mixed drinks which are high in sugar and calories so at times I switch it up with a beer or a drink on the rocks. Also, don’t forget to drink water in between your alcohol drinks and of course don’t take drinks from strangers!!!

Before we wrap up I want to share a bit more pictures from our trip, because….. hey… why not!?

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Do you have trouble eating healthy while eating away? What are some of our vacation traditions or routines? Where is your next trip? Where should SalutNutrition go next?  Let us know some of you favorite cultural cuisines or travel destinations in the comments below!

 Until next time, 


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